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About Us

Since 2009, as a manufacturer of quality computer connectivity products, Bplus Technology has provided broad range and over 100 of upgrade products to market . The products bridge the connection between Desktop/Notebook PC systems and external peripherals, and the products are praised by a lot of R&D engineers.

Bplus Technology continues further effort to develop unique and better products for more engineers’ convenience.

Corporate Philosophy:

Excellent Design & Product Line-up:[Products] Page

Very wide selections of unique, useful, well-designed, considered and convenient connectivity products available from single manufacturer.

World Wide Marketing: [ODM Process (English)]
Experience supporting OEM, distribution, corporate, & consumer sales channels in USA, Europe, and Asia.

High Quality Control: [QA Information (Chinese)]
Strict revision control & inventory management procedures in place to support long-term projects. Comprehensive lifetime warranty on most products.

Scope of Business / Products Lines

Bplus Technology provides over 100 products for various technologies:

Wireless: WiFi / 3G / 4G / WiMAX / LTE /GPS
Universal Serial Bus: USB3.0, USB2.0, MiniCard (USB), ExpressCard34/54 (USB)
PCI Bus:  PCI Express, MiniCard (miniPCIe), ExpressCard34/54 (PCIe) 32bitPCI
Memory Cards: SD / SDXC / SDHC / SDIO  / CFast / Eee PC SSD, SIM Card / SmartCard
Power: PC Power

Adapters, Enclosures, Extenders, Addon Cards, Breakouts, Antennas, Cables, Accessories

Global Directory:

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HeadQuarter (Taipei):
Operations: R&D, Marketing, Sales, Service, logistics


Bplus Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales & Administration Dept.
A3~5F, No.61, Zhou-Tzyy St., Nei-Hu Dist. Taipei 11493, Taiwan
TEL: (+886)2-7736-0128

FAX : (+886)2-7736-0126
E-mail Sales team: sales@bplus.com.tw
WEB SITE www.bplus.com.tw

AENEAS Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Address A3~5F, No.61, Zhou-Tzyy St., Nei-Hu Dist. Taipei , Taiwan.
台北市內湖區洲子街 61 號 5 樓 A3
TEL 886- 2 -7736 - 0128
FAX 886- 2 - 7736 - 0126



Address A3~5F, No.61, Zhou-Tzyy St., Nei-Hu Dist. Taipei , Taiwan.
台北市內湖區洲子街 61 號 5 樓 A3
TEL 886- 2 - 8797 - 4259
FAX 886- 2 - 8797 - 4260
WEB SITE www.aeneas.com.tw
E-mail aeneas@aeneas.com.tw



Address 上海市閘北區天目西路218號嘉里不夜城一座2704-2705室
TEL 021-6354-7786/8817
FAX 021-6354-5095
WEB SITE www.aeneas.com.cn
E-mail aeneas@aeneas.com.cn


上海東鉅電子股份有限公司 - 北京分公司

Address 北京市朝陽區中科創耀A.I+產業園北2樓一層A018室
TEL 010-6727-8128 / 010-6580-1941


上海東鉅電子股份有限公司 - 廣州分公司

Address 廣州市東山區環市東路371-375號N1906室
TEL 020-3758-9117 / 020-8732-2823
FAX 020-8732-2825


上海東鉅電子股份有限公司 - 深圳分公司

Address 深圳市福田區深南大道6013號中國有色大廈10樓1011-1012室
TEL 0755-2696-6011 / 0755-2696-6365
FAX 0755-8611-2789


上海東鉅電子股份有限公司 - 廈門分公司

Address 廈門市思明區嘉禾路23號新景中心B棟615
TEL 0592-220-4338 / 4339
FAX 0592-2205100


AENEAS Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Address A3~5F, No.61, Zhou-Tzyy St., Nei-Hu Dist. Taipei , Taiwan.
台北市內湖區洲子街 61 號 5 樓 A3
TEL 886- 2 -7736 - 0128
FAX 886- 2 - 7736 - 0126

Zhao Hong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Address 5F , No.65, Zhou-Tzyy St. Nei-Hu, 114 Taipei , Taiwan.
TEL 02- 2658-8776
WEB SITE www.zh-biotech.com
E-mail info@zh-biotech.com

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